Acient Greek Boats

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Acient Greek Boats
– ancient greek ships hellenica world the minoans were the first navy power in greece that no palace fortifications were found is a sign of their sea power various types of minoan ships probably used around 1500 bc the paintings are parts of a fresco discovered by the greek archaeologist spyridon marinatos in “acrotiri” ancient greek boats ships warships and sailing in ancient greece there existed a special road which was called as diolkos the specialty of this road was that this road connected two seas hence people could travel from one sea to another without having to change their ancient greek boats this length of this road was about 175kms ancient history greece greek boats wikibooks greek boats had two or three sails depending on the size of the craft these boats were made out of large pieces of hard wood these boats were large for the time but only could carry 100 – 150 kg of stone used to make statues trireme the trireme derives its name from its three rows of oars manned with one man per oar the early trireme was a development of the penteconter an ancient warship with a single row of 25 oars on each side i e a single banked boat and of the bireme ancient greek διήρης diērēs a warship with two banks of oars of phoenician origin bbc primary history ancient greeks sea and ships greek ships had sails and were pushed along by the wind small trading ships usually stayed close to the shore so the sailors did not lost before a ancient greek ships and boats sailing in ancient greece because greece was so mountainous and every place in greece was so close to the sea a lot of people in greece used boats to from one place to another even starting as early as the stone age when people sailed to the islands to obsidian and also went out in boats to catch tuna fish greek ships for kids ancient greece for kids and teachers ancient greek ships for kids greek ships were about 115 feet long that s about the same size as three school buses lined up in a row some ships were designed to carry cargo others were designed as weapons
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